This is How You Are

This artifact is very strange for the modern western observer. It has a human face on the body of what appear to be a bird outfit. It is not clear to me what type of bird this is. In Egyptian artifacts, it is very common for the deceased to be depicted as a hawk with the face of the deceased placed thereon. This appears to be a perpetuation of this teaching.

The top most symbol has the look of a modern U shape. In the Phoenician Script, my first thought would be that it is an letter M or מ. But my Egyptian knowledge causes a quick correction here. The U is the Egyptian Ka symbol. Ka is your spirit. However, the usage of the Ka is not really correct either as bird symbol with a face is more likely a reference to your Ba or soul in Egyptian. That does not change the fact that they are using the Ka symbol. The rest of the writings reverts back to the Phoenician script.

Upside down V with two strokes – Risen

Plus sign followed by 3 strokes is תה. Potentially תה is Eternity. However, this is not certain. There are several dictionary entries for תה. One is Eternity. Eternity certainly fits the context of this artifact representing the ancient religions.

After the three strokes symbol: כא ה ל יבד – This is how it is. (Google Translate).

The last three letters are already translated in the line above; however, יבד can also be translated as cloth or perhaps clothed.

Translation: When risen in the eternities, this is how you are.

Alternative Translation: When risen in the eternities, this is your cloth.