This is How You Are

This artifact is very strange for the modern western observer. It has a human face on the body of what appear to be a bird outfit. It is not clear to me what type of bird this is. In Egyptian artifacts, it is very common for the deceased to be depicted as a hawk with […]

Demonstrating How to Make the Ancient Engravings

Article Written by John Lefgren with Blaise Colasante as the artisan. Date Line: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, September 20, 2023 In honor of the 200th year since the appearance of Moroni to Joseph Smith, we thought it would be appropriate for us to try to replicate the ancient inscriptions cut in stones from the Mississippi River Valley. […]

You Rejected God’s Words

Line 1 Read Right to Left. The first ל depicted here as the two vertical strokes. It is commonly used as a preposition for “To”. There are many dictionary entries for תל. The most appropriate is תלה which means to “leave in doubt”. פל(י)ת – Dictionary entry states “Wonderful”. The Yod is not present in […]


Line 1 and Line 2 Line 1 <— You got it- סגעת Everything -הכל Both translated values come from Google Translate. Line 2 —> in the mouth – בעיס and – ו Know – דע Alternative meaning to Know is דעך. Ben Yehuda’s Dictionary states: “to Flicker; be extinguished; on the verge of dying”. Justification […]

Recruiting for Mariners

Line 1 Line begins with ל which means “To”. פמ – Short for Open to the Public. The letters פמ are encased in the words for Open or Publicly. כל – all ציא or צי – ציא means Came Out. צי means Fleet. The term may be used as a play as the word for […]

The Boy Archer

Red – ילד Boy Yellow – Atm the Mariner Blue – מלאב House of Mela Discussion: Looks like a bad image of a female archer. But the red circle clearly is Boy in Hebrew. And his name is Atam. The blue might mean that he is from the House of Mela. He may be wearing […]

And Abundant Milk

This artifact is very simple depicting a young girl being poured a drink. The side post has the four sacred words followed by a simple message. The transliteration of the vertical post is given below: ו is Hebrew for And. מלא is Hebrew for Full ח is the first letter for the Hebrew word “Milk”. […]

The Elephants are Coming

Translation of Elephant Artifacts beginning with photo 762 and moving to photo 763. Artifact John White Image 762 In the image below, the letter פ is a perfect match to the Phoenician way of writing the letter. The Lamed is inverted. A Phoenician ל can look like our modern latin based L, but here in […]

Trial Translations

To Him לו To Walk ללכת. We have the לכ Upside Down V seems to be used for Water- These are seafaring people. Make sense they are VII לתלה To Hang Left Side are the four sacred words. Bottom line is abbreviated for אל בא – God Comes to the Mariners. Agreement – סכמ Agreement […]

The National Identities of Burrows Cave

The Identity of these people appears apparent from some common symbols. Most Examples from the John White Collection 1. The Medicine Wheel 2. Medicine Wheel With Variations All three of these circle with cross renditions have different lettering with different meanings. 3. Four Sacred Symbols There are many artifact which have a common slogan. The […]

This Leviathan Splashed

This is one of my first fun findings. Yet while I call it a finding, there is enough reaching in here that I expect ridicule. So I will lay out what I see and you decide if it sounds correct. In the image, it looks like a whale jumping out of the water and is […]

A Cartouche of Ramses

The following artifacts has multiple cartouches all spelling in Egyptian the name Ramses. So far, I only have this artistic depiction of the artifact. Eventually, I expect to find the artifact. Often times when you study the Cartouches from ancient Egypt, they are very easy to read. Often they are not. And making things more […]

Human Sacrifice on Burrows Artifact

In scanning through the John White Collection of the Burrow’s Cave Artifacts, I find only this one artifact that appears to be depicting human sacrifice. Unfortunately the top of the image is missing. The bottom four symbols are the four symbols at the bottom commonly used seemingly to reference their nation or people.

Leg Bit Off by a Pig

The Hebrew word for Leg is רגל. The first two letters are גל. Good Fit. You’ll be fine is תזלתד in Hebrew. Bottom line has Swing is תנד in Hebrew. Tree is עֵץ in Hebrew. Well is נו in Hebrew Translation: Leg, you’ll be fine. Swinging in the tree is well.

Transliterating Burrows Cave Artifacts

The intent of transliterating is to map the Burrows Cave alphabet to the Hebrew alphabet, and then attempt translation. So far some translations are working with this approach. Much of the artifacts is straight out of the ancient Phoenician and Libyan alphabets. But they are not exact. It is apparent from my initial observations that […]

The Burrow’s Cave Symbols

The following table will simply be a compilation of the different symbols and common short phrases used in the Borrow’s Cave Artifacts. This seems to be most of them. There may be others. However, these one offs may be lesser used letters or words from other languages.

The Phoenician Alphabet

Phoenician Alphabet Hebrew Name Phoenician Libyque א Aleph ב Bet ג Gimel ד Dalet ה Hey ו Vav ז Zayin ח Chet ??? ט Tet י Yod ך כ Kaf ל Lamed ם מ Mem ן נ Nun ס Samech ע Ayin Not Used ף פ Pey ץ צ Tsade ק Qof ר Resh ש […]