Line 1 and Line 2

Line 1


You got it- סגעת

Everything -הכל

Both translated values come from Google Translate.

Line 2


in the mouth – בעיס

and – ו

Know – דע

Alternative meaning to Know is דעך. Ben Yehuda’s Dictionary states: “to Flicker; be extinguished; on the verge of dying”. Justification for the alternate definition is the dot below the ayin which in some ancient texts (ie Demotic Egyptian) is as a wildcard.

Values taken from Google Translate.

Probable meaning is “It is in your mouth and in your cognitive abilities and leads to your death.”

Line 3 and Line 4

Line 3


Count – דסכק

Google Translate

עתי – my time

Count your time.

Line 4


come down with – רד

Google Translate

this – ז

Grammer of Phoenician

scurvy – סרעת

Google Translate

You have come down with scury.

Complete Translation:

You’ve got it – everything. It is manifested in your mouth and in what you know. Count down your time. You have come down with scurvy.

The Missing Word of the Sacred Four Words

This missing letter is the Beyt which is the first letter for the Hebrew word “health”. Since the artifact is about scurvy, they dropped the sacred word of health.

The working theory of the four sacred words is that they mirror the words of the Egyptian Religion:

  • The circle perhaps represents life or eternal life in accordance with the term “One Eternal Round”.
  • Yod represents יַצִיבוּת which means Stability.
  • Hey represents הַצלָחָה which is Hebrew for Luck, Success, Prosperity.
  • Bet represents בְּרִיאוּת which is Hebrew for Health.
Scurvy effects teeth and gums.
Skeletal Remains from Ancient World Showing Effects of Scurvy.