The National Identities of Burrows Cave

The Identity of these people appears apparent from some common symbols.

  1. The Circle and a Cross.
  2. The Cross with Variations.
  3. A Common Slogan of Text.
  4. The Serpent Tribe.
  5. Tanith – A Symbol of Baalism.
  6. The Mandjet Boat for the Kings at Death
  7. The Star of David and The Menorah.
  8. They were Mariners.
  9. The Upside Down V with Two Strokes on the Right.
  10. Ptah – Maybe.
  11. Human Sacrifice?
  12. Not Friendly to YHW People?
  13. Horse and Elephant
  14. Images of Jesus Christ

Most Examples from the John White Collection

1. The Medicine Wheel

Notice Necklace
Led Coin

2. Medicine Wheel With Variations

National Symbol. Upside down V with two strokes is common among these artifacts.
Sun, Wind, Moon, Water (clockwise)
Still looking for original artifact from which this artistic rendition was made.

All three of these circle with cross renditions have different lettering with different meanings.

3. Four Sacred Symbols

There are many artifact which have a common slogan. The symbols are not always in the same order.

Sometimes the symbols are cartouched. It is even in the flag of a ship as shown below.

Notice Slogan in Sail. This indicates that the ship is a local ship, not a Phoenician ship.

Sometimes the four letters are clumped together but not in the same order.

Helmet with the four symbols.
Sacred Words? Or Pledge of Allegiance? Word Remember as used in Michigan on Forehead.

One theory is this:

  • The circle perhaps represents life or eternal life in accordance with the term “One Eternal Round”.
  • Yod represents יַצִיבוּת which means Stability.
  • Hey represents הַצלָחָה which is Hebrew for Luck, Success, Prosperity.
  • Bet represents בְּרִיאוּת which is Hebrew for Health.

This theory draws on a common four symbol grouping found in the Egyptian Temples which are as follows:

  • Ank for Life
  • Djed for Stability
  • Was for Power and Prosperity
  • Snb for Health
Screenshot from

4. The Serpent Tribe

While many animals are depicted in the artifacts, only one animal stands out as a symbol of the people and that is the serpent. Below are just a small sample of serpent symbols.

5. Tanith – A Symbol of Baalism.

There are many images of Tanith which was known as a Symbol of Baalism. Here are a couple samples.

6. The Mandjet Boat for the Kings at Death

Annibus – The Egyptian God of Mummification.

7. Star of David and the Menorah

These two symbols are found on many artifacts.

8. They were Mariners.

9. The Upside Down V with Two Strokes on the Right.

Is the upside down V a piece of the Water Symbol? Does the Upside Down V mean they are Mariners?

10. Ptah – Maybe?

If these symbols are Egyptian, here are two variations of the word Ptah. The first refers to the Egyptian God Ptah, the second simply means sky.

Collier and Manley – How to Read Egyptian Hieroglyphs

11. Human Sacrifice?

12. Not Friendly to YHW People?

13. Horse and Elephant

14. Knowledge of Christ

Not from John White Collection


Putting it together, these artifacts depict a people who were Jewish and were worshipers of Baal. They were known as the serpent tribe and possibly are the group who built the serpent mound in Ohio. They had a writing system that is influenced by the Phoenician Alphabet. They appear associated with the medicine wheel, even placing that on the map for their locations. They had the star of David and the Menorah as part of their identity. They engaged in human sacrifice. They engaged in the Egyptian ritual of sending people on the mandjet boat ride prior to burial. They built large boats. They had Horses and Elephants among them. They may not have been friendly to the YHW people. They were visited by Jesus Christ.

What a story found in here. Hopefully the writings will tell us more.