Trial Translations

To Him לו

To Walk ללכת. We have the לכ

Upside Down V seems to be used for Water- These are seafaring people. Make sense they are VII

לתלה To Hang

Left Side are the four sacred words.

Bottom line is abbreviated for אל בא –

God Comes to the Mariners.

Agreement – סכמ

Agreement with YHW People.

Bride – כלת

Brides Name – MLAL?

To Be Dressed in Scarlet – תלע

Cup – ספל

Second Vertical Line

The top half of the line I am not certain.

That you – שתהפ

Scribe – קתב or From a Letter – מקתב

Third Vertical Line

affectionately – בחיב

produce – לפק

Go Ahead – תעי

He wrote it – יגדתו

We will say – יגדתנ

Point – חוד

Artifact image 4 of John White Photo Collection.

Not enough context to have high confidence in this translation.

The Lamed is for the word “To”

I am not finding Shim characters in the artifacts and so I am supposing that since דס has not translatable meaning except perhaps a city name, so I am considering דש which could mean “To Sprout”. Perhaps this is a seal for seeds.

מכ could mean “From”

ג could be short for Gentile.


Four Sacred Words.

Not confident of this translation. But I give it the following:

To Sprout. From the Gentile Mariners. Four Sacred Words.

Is this person named AM_L? Do not yet know the third letter (right to left) – maybe Z.

1. Tyre (צר) to you () is a fortress ().

2. Egypt (כמ) is a poor(דל) Nation(לאמ).

Kemet is the ancient name for Egypt.

3. MRL is probably merchandise.

4. Recognize their lives (status).

Both Terror and Swallow are not perfect matches to the dictionary. But are close matches and both fit context.

רת is the beginning of many words and all of them have to do with anger, boil, terror, harness, tremble and other similar words.

Translation: To terrorize and to swallow mariners.

Upside down V with two strokes – Mariners

Plus followed by 3 strokes. Eternity תה. This is not clear. There are several dictionary entries for תה. One is Eternity.

After the three strokes: כא ה ל יבד – This is how it is. (Google Translate).

The top symbol should be an M. But I think it is really the the Egyptian Ka Symbol representing your spirit. The bird with the persons face is your Ba which represents your soul. The Ka is your spirit — the two are easily confused.

The last three letters – יבד – are cloth or perhaps clothed (last three symbols).

Translation: Mariners, in the eternities, this is how you are clothed.

The word for baptism is not used – only – To Water. I believe it to be reference to baptism. This is a challenge in translations.

The YH for Jesus matches the first to letters of one of the Jesus artifacts.

The word used for salvation is a word used in the John Whitmer Caractors document which is also the Egyptian word used for salvation. It is plain and simply the crucifix.

This first line i liken it unto the Book of Mormon verse which says “Do not procrastinate your day of Repentance”.