#20 – Locating the Right People – 1982-83

Written by Fred Rydholm:

As Russell Burrows continued to go to the cave his way was made easier and the entry less difficult. He was becoming more careful to whom he spoke about the cave, but was always searching for someone who was knowledgeable, who was willing to help, who could see things from his standpoint and whom he could trust.

Widening and deepening his path through the silt in the cave kept turning up more and more small stone tablets. When he came across them he would put them in his pockets for close examination later, in daylight. Adding several rocks to his collection with every trip, his collection of stones from the cave was taking on sizable proportions.

Sometimes he would find several stones in one location. It looked like they had been collected in these spots by currents and eddies of the powerful flood of water that must have deposited the silt in the first place. While he didn’t know where the stones had come from, by looking in certain places where logic told him there might be pockets of them he gradually became more successful at finding the stone tablets. Eventually Russell had collected several thousand of them, but, in his own words, “These are just the washout, the tip of the iceberg – there must be many more of them in there.”