#33 – A New Ally – 1986

Written by Russell Burrows:

The next event that I consider to be important is the arrival of Virginia Hourigan. This occurred in the late summer or early fall of 1986 if my memory serves me correctly.

Now Virginia is something. She is a big gal, not fat mind you, just big. She takes her summer vacations on a motorcycle and travels all over the country that way. That doesn’t bother me because I also ride a motorcycle.

I received a call one evening. It was Ward, telling me that a woman from New York City was there, who wanted to photograph the artifacts I had removed from the cave – all of them – and did I object to that?

If I recall this event correctly, I was not too thrilled with the idea, because we were having all kinds of problems with people wanting this, that and another. I had become very leery of unintroduced people showing up out of the blue and wanting something, usually information, and often demanding it. I did agree to meet with Virginia the following morning for breakfast, so that we could talk it over. I am glad that I did because she has proven to be a very valuable asset to the project. Were it not for her, I doubt if our cave project would ever have gotten off the ground.