#58 – Exploring the Main Crypt – 1987

Written by Russell Burrows:

On my next trip in, I took along a small two-and-a-half-ton hydrojack as well as a crank-type “come-along.” I was determined to find out what was on the other side of that stone wheel. After some experimental rigging of my tools I soon figured out how to roll the stone away from the doorway it covered.

Anyone would expect that by this time, after all I had been through, I wouldn’t be surprised or shocked anymore. But believe me the room that was exposed when the stone was rolled away beat everything else I’d seen in the cave. I stood looking at a huge stone sarcophagus, a stone box or vault with a solid stone lid on it. The sarcophagus was located in the center of a very elaborately decorated room, cut out of stone like the others. It looked as if this room was lined in marble slabs, and both the walls and ceiling were beautifully carved. Only an expert or many expert stone carvers could have done such beautiful work.

As I looked up at that beautiful ceiling, I was stunned by what I saw in a recess cut into the walls, where the wall panel ended and the ceiling began. Statues! All standing in a row, all around the room.

The statues are all the same except for their heads some are animal, some are human. All are about twelve inches high. The left foot, each and every one, is forward as is the left arm, the hand of which is holding a staff.

There are just far too many other items to be seen in that crypt to describe them all from memory, but there are bronze weapons, and jars, many, many, jars.

I next turned my attention to the huge stone rectangular sarcophagus in the center of the room. It is about eight feet in length and something like three and a half to four feet wide and stands maybe four feet high, top to bottom.

Using a wrecking bar I was able to pry the stone lid up and slide it off. I expected to find human remains and had my mind all set for it, but I was not quite ready for the sight I beheld. There again was the gleam of gold, lots of it. It was the likeness of a person, all in gold, apparently the likeness of the person inside the coffin.

Needless to say the lid of that gold coffin had to be removed, and inside I found decaying cloth. I began to rummage around in that cloth at the head end of the coffin and discovered, underneath it, a death mask. This scared me a little, as I recalled Tut’s curse and what had actually been the fates of those who found his tomb. Whoever this man was, or these people were, it all seemed very Egyptian. I closed the thing up in a hurry and got out of there, and haven’t been back since.

In my previous descriptions I have said that a mummy is reposing in that casket. That was a mistake. I don’t really know that it is a mummy. It looks like a mummy to me but, in all honesty, I must say that I cannot state that for certain.

The part of the cave that I have explored is back about five or six hundred feet from the entrance. It is not the end, and I could hear water running back in the distance, and there must be other caves either separate or connected to this one. But I think I have seen the main chambers.

I realize now that when the discovery of such a place has been made, first you have to get the right people to believe it and then the actual study has to be made meticulously and correctly. Someone has to learn how to decipher the scripts and there may even have to be new techniques developed to handle some problems that have never before presented themselves. The people doing the work will have to be well trained and many different interpretations should be allowed so that the most logical ones may rise to the top. I’m sure that this may take years once the study is underway, and I am just as sure that nothing like this has been found and made public up to this time in America. Unless this whole thing is some kind of an elaborate fraud then it will certainly have to reshape our thinking. There is just no way that it fits into our history as we have been taught.

Once the true story of this cave and this valley has been revealed and accepted (at least by most authorities), then I predict that other such finds around the country may come to light. Because of the trouble that I have had I’m sure that others may have had similar kinds of problems and have chosen to walk away or keep quiet.

It seems that the best way to deal with a suspected fraud is simply to ignore it, especially one that you don’t know too much about. The truth will come out eventually.

Burrows’ Cave had been debunked by enough professionals so that the more serious researchers could forget about it and get on with their work. It really doesn’t do much good to kick a dead horse or shoot a dead dog – but then I guess there’s always the chance that the dog isn’t really dead and that the horse will win another race.