#61 – Observations of Warren Dexter – 1990

Written by Fred Rydholm and Warren Dexter:

Another person who has done a preliminary analysis of the Cave material is Warren W. Dexter. It will be difficult to summarize all of it but here are some of his observations.

He visited the cave, and first observed the collections of things that had been removed from it, in June of 1987 (17th to 21st). He says of that trip: “I, with Russell, went into the large foyer just inside the cave mouth; no further. There are considerable signs of use in the area around the outside of the cave where I photographed some of the metates.”

He also states: “Warren Cook did a lot of research, but our trip and what we saw visiting Algeria and Tunisia and the pictures I was able to get helped both of us to solidify our feeling about the cave.”

The accompanying illustrations are Warren Dexter’s comparisons between Burrows’ Cave artifacts and objects from all over the Old World and South America. Dexter was able to notice these similarities because of his familiarity with the vast world-wide collection of his own photographs.

These are of course very preliminary observations and studies, and while actual conclusions as to who the people of Burrows’ Cave were is beyond the scope of this book, nevertheless some of the scholars’ present ideas may prove interesting to the reader.