Editors Additional Suggested Reading

A good grounding in conventional historical theory is necessary to properly appreciate and criticize these excellent works, most of which are not widely accepted.

Hapgood, Charles, Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings [world maps from 8000 BC]
Path of the Pole, 1970
Marshack, Alexander, The Roots of Civilization [Cro-Magnon lunar notation]

THE ARCHAIC (Neolithic and on); THE GOLDEN AGE
Cohane, The Key, 1969 [semitic placenames worldwide]
Gimbutas, Gods and Goddesses of Old Europe
Graves, Robert, The Greek Myths [with etymologies]
The White Goddess
Sanderson, Ivan, Follow the Whale, 1957
Santillana & von Dechend, Hamlet’s Mill [myth as technical star language]

Bailey, James, The God-Kings and the Titans, 1967 [Bronze Age trade wars]
Covey, Cyclone, Homeric Troy and the Sea Peoples

Goodman, Jeffrey, American Genesis, 1981 [earliest homo sapiens are in America]
Gordon, Cyrus, Before Columbus, 1983
Keepers of the Game [dense dense Amerind pop. in 1492. Very criticized]
Mahan, Joseph, The Secret; America in world history before Columbus, 1983
Martineau, La van, The Rocks Begin to Speak [reading petroglyphs], KC Publications
Mavor, James & Byron Dix, Manitou: The Sacred Landscape of New England’s Native Civilization, 1989
Mertz, Henriette, The Mystic Symbol, and others. (See Endnote 15.)
The Red Paint People, NOVA TV program; video cassette available. [5000 BC]
Stewart, Ethel, The Dene and Na-Dene Indian Migration – 1233 A.D.: Escape from Gengis
Khan in America, 1991. ISSAC Press. (See Endnote 22.)
Ward, John A., Ancient Archives Among the Cornstalks (Vincennes, IN)

Bennett, J.G., The Masters of Wisdom of Central Asia [the Kwajagan]
Temple, Robert K.G., The Sirius Mystery, 1976. [extraterrestrial lore in Africa]

Corliss, William, The Sourcebook Project, Glen Arm, MD.
Strange Artifacts, Ancient Man, etc.
Gordon, Cyrus, Riddles in History, 1974