Mahan’s Essay: Abstract

1) The religious/mythological details of the Burrows’ Cave materials, esp. the burials, are clear give-aways to Old World connections.

2) The graves are of those of sun-kings, la Sumer, Egypt, etc.

3) This American culture persisted as an actual empire and coalition into historic times (DeSoto’s invasion, even 18th c.) w/ the Mississippian (temple mound) peoples. But it long antedates the Mississippian, extending back at least to the Adena folk. (See maintext section #5 for descriptions.)

4) The religion of the area (Mississippi-Ohio valleys and beyond-about half of the present US) was what is called the “Southern Cult.”

5) The Southern Cult includes strong, and ancient, elements from Asia, esp. India/Central Asia.

6) The Yuchis, especially, have preserved these with conscious clarity. The Yuchi language includes many Sanskrit and Dravidian elements.

7) The Yuchis preserve the memory of a very ancient union of separate human strands, symbolized by Sun, Moon, Earth, and by the Plumed Serpent.

8) There was (and is) among the American Indians a special sacred widespread cult language, “Redman’s Language.”

9) Traditional peoples say the mythic lore was taught by extraterrestrial guides of great wisdom and benignity, symbolized by the Thunderbird.

10) Burrows’ Cave, though stunning, is but one such site among many, several of which were/are also magnificent.