The Mystery Cave – Chronology

76Sonoftobac Museum opens in Vincennes, w/ Ward as curator.
82AprRB falls into oubliette.
83SepRB meets JW for first time.
84JanRB first visits JW in Vincennes; meets Norman Cullen.
MarRB gives first Cave talk, to the Old Northwest Corp.
JW gives first talk to ISAC (a disaster), (non-Cave).
86Cave offered to Old Nortwest Corp., offer rejected.
MayField Museum pronounces Cave artifacts bogus.
JW ousted from Sonoftobac Museum.
midEnter VH, with camera.
AugRB invited on a helicopter ride.
Landowner installs tight security system; restricts access.
OctEarly Sites meeting, VH shows photos; Jim Whittall enthralled; tries to take over Project.
RB attacked with Uzis.
87FebThe Two Warrens see VH’s photos.
Fell denounces Cave on basis of “elephant tablet.”
The second cave system found, w/ crypt #13 & sarcophagus.
JunVH & the 2 Warrens to Vincennes; also Jordan & Robin.
VH and 2 Warrens meet RB, JW, Cullen; see Landowner, meet Thelma McClain. Gold & oaths of secrecy.
Warren Dexter visits the cave (entrance foyer only).
midBart Jordan and Jim Scherz surveying in Chaco Canyon.
VH returns to Vincennes w/ Gloria Farley, who’s convinced.
VH again to Vincennes, finally gets to visit cave entrance.
Landowner offers to set it all up, w/ Cook in charge of archaeology.
Landowner appoints Cook head of Cave investigation.
88midISAC Conference: FR attends, meets RB, JW; interest in Cave sparked. RB gives talk on the Cave; (JW speaks on his obsession). Response by ES members is very negative. Mahan is supportive.
Carter initially supportive, asks for photos of ship petroglyphs
SepFR visits RB, sees the artifacts.
89Carter, receiving no photos, concludes Cave is a fraud.
DecAt Cook’s insistence, RB writes to Fell, repudiating “elephant tablet.”
Death of Cook. Investigation of Cave slows.
90ISAC conference: RB presents on Cave; JW stays home;
The Myth Makers for sale.
Enter JS; Cave Committee formed, chaired by Covey.
91JunISAC conference: Cave Committee tightened up, JS is CEO.
Gordon supportive.
Deaths of John Ward and of Norman Cullen.
JulFirst Public Disclosure: lecture to Upper Michigan audience.
OctGordon intends to visit Cave; is frustrated.