Three Essays

Written by Fred Rydholm:

Burrows’ Cave demands a new understanding of history, which will evolve slowly, through many years of research. But productive work is already underway, as shown by the following collection of essays.

At the 1991 ISAC conference Dr. Mahan read a paper entitled “Historic and Ethnological Context of Burrows’ Cave.”

When I asked Dr. Mahan for permission to print his essay in this book as a possible explanation of who these people were, along with some other theories, he said “No, not if you’re going to state it that way. This is who they are; it’s not a theory – it’s a fact. If you will say that, you may print it.”

Dr. Mahan is the president and founder of the Institute for the Study of American Cultures. He is trained in archaeology, anthropology and pre-Columbian history. He is the author of The Secret: America In World History Before Columbus (1983). Burrows’ Cave is indeed something that falls within his area of knowledge and expertise.

[see “Abstracts of Essays” for an abstract – Ed.]